Отключване на iPhone 5 последна версия 6.0.2 с R-SIM 7 на цена 40.00лв

Гарантирано отключване на iPhone 5 последна версия 6.0.2 с R-SIM 7 на супер цена 60.00лв от Експрес Компютри.

Новите карти са сравниелно по-добри и работят без проблем както на iPhone 4S така и на Iphone 5, в комплекта влиза един чип и два държача понеже новият модел на iPhone 5 вече е с нов.


R-Sim 7 Unlock Card for iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iOS 6.0 Micro + Nano Dual Unlock Sim
Compatibility: for iPhone 5 iPhone 4S
No Need to Dial International Emergency Number 112

1.Inserting R-SIM 7 and Nano sim together, it will enter the choosing carrier menu,

(If not show this menu,Go to „setting“-> „Phone“ ->SIM Applications, click „Select carrier“)

2. After choosing the carrier, the below menu will be shown:


3.Choosing the right model and right version IOS, (Note: Mode1 is suit for all 4S, IOS5.0/5.01/5.11/6.0 , Mode 2 is for GSM and WCDM iPhone 4S, it will get the signal quickly, Mode3 is for iPhone 5), after choosing, the next menu will be shown:


4.Click the Accept, it will operate the chosen carrier before, if click the Cancel (or Go to Setting–Phone–R-SIM application), the next menu will be shown:


5. Note: 3G SIM card with iOS 6.0 and CDMA in iOS 6.0, because there is no perfect jailbreak, so to unlock the instability is also not perfect

The Video tutorial in the bottom of the page.↓

6.Click the „Select carrier“, it will return the first step, choose again. If click „Get Carrier Code“, it will find out the SIM card code, then choosing the right phone version to copy, then change theSIM card you want to use, restart your iPhone, the signal will be shown right now,. If click „Edit IMSI“, you can edit the 7 digitals IMSI, after that, restart iPhone is OK .

Note: if you want to use the 3G SIM card for IOS6, it is not stable and not perfect, because of the IOS6.0 cann’t do jailbreak now. But don’t worry, Our R-SIM team is developing the software which will support the 3G SIM card for IOS 6 perfect, and we will publish it on our official website for free to download before long, So stay tuned!

If the carrier list without your iPhone carrier,Go to „setting“->“Phone“ ->SIM Applications, click „EDIT IMSI“,input your carrer 7digits IMSI code(Code list please click here http://www.gevey3.com/rsim5-use.htm),click „Send“the below menu will be shown,Click „Accept“ , restart iPhone, waiting…


●Now IOS6 because they can not jailbreak the following system itself is the problem temporarily can not be repaired

●Cannot setting cellular data APN
●Caller does not display the address list contact name
●3G card can not use 3G only use 2G
●CDMA version does not use CDMA sim card

●CDMA version may be difficult to search for the signal, or have signal but can not make a call, or you can call but signal bar show „No service“, or not be able to send and receive text messages

●IO6 cannot jailbreak now, unable to set the APN, can not get on the Internet, you can use this method to set:

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